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I am Jared Brooks, but you may know me better as either Vgcatsfan88 on or as KSI Anthrax on Xbox Live. As for anybody else that knows me, I'm Araya in Nero Chicago and NERO Peoria and that one random crazy guy you see at the bar sometimes. I'm just a regular guy who enjoys alot of simple things as well as loves technology (More notably, the abilty to play games online. I'm a 6'1" 210 pound white male with brown eyes and brown hair. I used to play football and track in high school. IN my first year of college, I got into drawing characters from a webcomic called "Vgcats". After a week of drawing them, I thought "Why not draw my own characters to be original. Well the first attempts were different, but resembled the Vgcats ones too much to be called original, so I added a bunch of quirks to them, naming the male cat after myself and the female one partially after the character Joy from "My Name is Earl", with the Lynn part coming at random. after about a week and a half of drawing them, I discovered vore. Well, I actually knew of vore beforehand, but not the name. I used to bash it, but now I like it. two days after I realized I liked vore, I started "VoreVeterans" on, and I still run it to this day. I decided to start this site to get some attention to my art and maybe have people pay me to draw for them. I'm also a musician and actor in Fulton County, Illinois. I'm a metalhead, but I play bass guitar/backing and lead vocals in a blues band. I am self taught in both art and music, and I'm always looking for chances to improve. As for my acting career, it is a short one, performing in only two shows, "No Time For Sergeants" and "The Odd Couple" at a local theater (not Hollywood), but I am also doing voiceovers for a couple machinimas as well as writing/directing/possibly filming/composing/body acting/acting/casting/executive decisions for my own machinima project, with editing/acting/body acting/writing going to the rest of the cast. Hopefully I will be seeing some of my fans getting on here and showing support. I will be posting all kinds of fun stuff. Past works, song writing, stories, clips of live gigs that I'm in, rants, and blogs. God knows everybody loves reading blogs.